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TimberTech 美國高級戶外環保木地板 (香港總代理), 玻璃鋼疏冷格仔, 玻璃纖維平台 FRP Grating Platform, FRP Ladder, 玻璃纖維貓梯, 環保磚, 種植袋


Recycled Rubber Flooring

Our Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions



At ecoGarde, our focus is manufacturing recycled rubber flooring with the intent of providing customers an environmentally friendly solution. We understand the value of ethically sourced goods and bringing them into the spaces we occupy. Our products create a space that promotes health and wellness by meeting the stringent indoor air quality criteria of FloorScore.

Our Culture

Environmental sustainability is central to the way we innovate new products and continuously improve our processes. Our team is encouraged every day to think creatively about new product development and ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. Our desire to create the most environmentally friendly recycled rubber flooring solutions on the market is core to our company’s culture.


Our Business

ecoGarde knows that our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore, we put so much effort into supporting our customers and their needs no matter where they are in the project ecosystem; from product consultations and quoting right up to installation and post install service. This includes our distribution business partners, the architect and design community, flooring contractors, the end user and everyone in between.
We understand we will only grow through the support of existing distribution customers and the development of new business partners. Our culture of continuous improvement and employee engagement is the key to keeping costs down and supporting our customers. The continuous development of new, innovative, and environmentally sustainable products is how we will stay at the forefront of our industry.
ecoGarde is committed to customer service excellence as one of the pillars of our success, and we will stop at nothing to ensure our valued business partners have the resources they need to represent our products confidently and proudly.



The Earth and it’s many peoples deserve better and ecoGarde understands the importance of sustainability, now and for the future of protecting and preserving the environment. ecoGarde’s eco-friendly and sustainable recycled rubber flooring options lower your carbon foot print and are rapidly becoming the greener option sought by designers, architects and builders.

Manicured Garden

Eco Friendly and Tough !

Product Features

  • High slip resistance

  • High density

  • FloorScore

  • Low porosity

  • Moisture resistant

Product Benefits

  • Material facilitates a safer workout and reduces the risk of injuries due to falls

  • Skate blade resistant

  • Low VOC for high level of indoor air quality

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be utilized in high-moisture areas when glued down

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