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Aspire Recycled Plastic Pavers
(Formerly Azek Pavers)

A Fantastic Lightweight & Easy To Install Alternative to Roof Pedestal Paving Systems!

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In-Ground Projects

Inspired to develop your own design? Standard Pavers can be used for most in-ground projects. They make the perfect solution for the new construction of patios, walkways, driveways, and commercial spaces. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Resurfacing Projects

Elevate your outdoor area by upgrading dated design with Resurfacing Pavers. They use a patented grid system, making installation simple, and can transform a variety of spaces like existing decks, or old, cracked patios and walkways. They also make the perfect solution for rooftop patios and balconies.

Roof Deck Pavers

Do you dream of expanding your outdoor living space with a green rooftop patio or balcony? With Recycled Plastic Pavers, your dream can become a reality. Recycled Plastic Pavers are 1/3 the weight of traditional concrete pavers and are made of up to 95% post-consumer recycled content, making them the perfect green solution for your rooftop project.

Easy Installation & Workability

Just use standard jib saw or miter saw for cutting.

No more dusty, noisy and messy cutting of concrete.

Logos and design patterns can be applied.


Light Weight

Helps cost savings in transportation and installation.
1/8 of the weight of concrete paver.


Unique Grid System

Patented grid system makes installation faster and easier. It also provides a safer surface with minimalizing tripping hazard due to often uneven pavers found in regular sand bed paving system. 


Resists Stains, Scratches and Cracking

Offers a better resilience and underfoot comfort than
concrete and clay pavers. Ideal for public areas.


Environmentally Friendly

Aspire Paver System is an unique engineered recycled plastic paver system made from up to 95% of high-performance recycled composite material. 

Color Selection





Aspire Recycled Plastic Paver Sytem Catalog

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